We appreciate your willingness to take part in this beta testing. Please contact support@dynamicpdf.com with any questions or issues related to the beta release.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v3 BETA Download

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v3 BETA Documentation

New features in DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v3 BETA
  • Rasterize a specific part of a PDF page.
  • Events to report on the progress of rasterization.
  • Rasterize PDF Portfolios (Attachments).
  • Add background color to rasterized output.
  • Monochrome color format without Dithering.
Upgrade Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding upgrading to v3.0 when it is released, please contact sales@dynamicpdf.com with your existing product serial number for upgrade options.