COM/ActiveX PDF Libraries (ASP, VB6, VBScript)

Are you a software developer that is still using COM/ActiveX technologies like ASP, VB6 or VBScript and you need to add some PDF functionality to your application? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a variety of components and libraries to View PDFs in COM/ActiveX, Merge PDFs in COM/ActiveX, Create PDFs in COM/ActiveX, and much more. Each of our COM/ActiveX products offers a fully functional evaluation edition that never expires, flexible licensing and is backed by our great support team.

DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX

DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX Product Box

Software developers can now merge PDFs, append PDFs, form fill PDFs and much more all from within any COM/ActiveX application (including ASP, VB6, VBScript). The DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX library makes interacting with any existing PDF documents from within your COM/ActiveX application a snap.

DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX

DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX Product Box

Easily create PDF documents from within your ASP, VB6 or VBScript (any COM/ActiveX) application. With the DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX library's easy to use object model, tons of features and lighting fast efficiency PDF creation and PDF generation has never been easier. Come explore Generator's endless possibilities.

DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX

DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX Product Box

Similar to Generator, ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX allows you to create PDF documents from scratch, but ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX adds a GUI Designer so that a developer can layout the PDF design before they ever write their first line of ASP, VB6 or VBScript code. Our Designer will handle the PDF layout (and can even use an existing PDF as a background for field placement) and the database connection (or event driven data). Your COM/ActiveX code becomes very simple as you just specify the created template and all pagination and placement is handled directly by ReportWriter.

DynamicPDF Core Suite for COM/ActiveX

DynamicPDF Core Suite for COM/ActiveX Product Box

DynamicPDF Core Suite for COM/ActiveX offers ASP, VB6 and VBScript developers the Merger library, Generator library and ReportWriter library in one easy to use and cost effective solution (one DLL). Get the PDF generation and robustness of Generator, the PDF merging and form filling capabilities of Merger and the overall simplicity of ReportWriter without the need to purchase each product individually.

DynamicPDF Viewer

DynamicPDF Viewer for COM/ActiveX Product Box

Eliminate the reliance on external PDF viewers. Embed our DynamicPDF Viewer into any Windows form (WinForm) application. It is fully customizable allowing for the adding and removal all different menus and toolbars. Viewer is reliable (it's based on proven PDF rendering technology), extremely lightweight (allowing it to be deployed easily with your application) and renders the PDF quickly (allowing for a great user experience). We even offer a PDF Viewer Enterprise edition that offers watermarking and annotation support.

Customer Quote
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Just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly and your product is great. It was easy to implement and we had no problems getting it going. I think I already sent you guys an email about this but your programmers did a great job because the object model is written very well (especially compared to the other pdf component we almost went with).

Trevor Pinkney, Azentra Inc.