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DynamicPDF Converter for .NET - Version History

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 33698)

  • Fixed a couple of issues related to MS Office files not rendering correctly in PDF format.
  • Converter will now throw an exception when password protected MS Office documents are sent for conversion.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML conversions are hanging on 64-bit Windows 10 & Windows 2016.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 30555)

  • Exception while converting Excel file to PDF has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML to PDF conversion is not completing.
  • Optimized code for file type identification.
  • Fixed a system crash issue when converting Word documents to PDF.
  • Resolved an exception when setting a page size in conversion options.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 28350)

  • Fixed the HTML conversion issue on 64-bit editions of Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1.
  • Default value of ConversionsPerProcess setting for Converter Windows Service has been changed from 1000 to 1.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 28203)

  • Resolved an issue with PDF contents not splitting correctly between pages.
  • Fixed an issue where certain word documents are preventing the conversion from proceeding further.
  • Resolved an HTML conversion issue where some PDFs are incorrectly generated.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 26894)

  • Exception when converting certain csv documents is resolved.
  • Fixed several MS Word document specific issues that cause the conversion to hang.
  • Exceptions caused while converting certain Excel documents are fixed.
  • Resolved an issue where the conversion temp files are not getting deleted.
  • Excel conversion text overlap bug is resolved.
  • Resolved the conversion hanging when converting password protected MS Office documents by throwing an exception notifying that a password is required for conversion.
  • Appropriate exception is thrown when converting corrupt excel documents.
  • Error while converting text files with Unicode text is resolved.
  • Resolved an access denied exception that is caused when converting files located on network drive with read-only permission.
  • Fixed an issue where the charts in Excel file are not getting converted.
  • Several HTML conversion issues are fixed.
  • Fixed a few MS Office document formatting and page scaling issues.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 23695)

  • Some excel conversion errors are resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where the file conversions are adding blank pages to the output pdf.
  • Fixed the incorrect print margin issue with converting certain excel files.
  • Missing text issue during HTML to PDF conversion is fixed.
  • Resolved an issue with multi-threaded power point conversions.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 21812)

  • Fixed an issue with concurrent conversion of word files.
  • Resolved the https webpage conversion exception.
  • Fixed some HTML conversion issues with div tag and table background.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF generated did not match the EMF file converted.
  • Multi-page text file partial conversion issue is fixed.
  • Fixed several word file conversion issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the MS Office conversion temporary files are not getting deleted.
  • Resolved a memory leak when images are converted with conversion options.
  • Fixed an issue with image conversions where the output is generated with horizontal lines.
  • Fixed the issue with word document conversion where the signature is not preserved.
  • Resolved a bug where the HTML conversion options are being ignored.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 20188)

  • Resolved an issue with HTML conversions where a blank page is added in the PDF output.
  • Fixed an issue with asynchronous text file conversions in Windows 2008 R2 server.
  • Resolved an issue with the Windows event log error when the Converter service is started.
  • Fixed a Converter print queue issue in which the print jobs were not being cleared after successful conversion.
  • Fixed an issue with output file permissions.
  • HTML conversion issue with certain HTML/CSS tags has been resolved.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 19383)

  • Fixed an error caused due to abnormally large page size settings.
  • Fixed an issue with MS Word conversion where the process hangs due to MS Word pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML conversion where some Unicode characters are not appearing properly on the output PDF.
  • Fixed an issue with TIFF file conversion where some TIFF files are not producing a valid PDF output.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML conversion hanging on Win 2003 64-bit machine.
  • Fixed an issue where the TIFF file conversion was not working for certain multi-page TIFFs.
  • Fix for bypassing MS PowerPoint dialog box holding up the ppt file conversion.
  • Fixed an issue regarding HTML table page break property.
  • Updated help documentation.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 16947)

  • Added support for handling Excel "Page Break" dialogs.
  • Added support for handling Word "Show Repairs" dialogs.
  • Updated help documentation.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 16597)

  • Fixed an issue with Append module in x64 build.
  • Fixed an issue with Temp folder not getting deleted when using the AsyncConverter ConvertHtmlString method.
  • Updated help documentation.

DynamicPDF Converter v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 16128)

  • Added an assembly targeting the .NET Framework 4.0.
  • Fixed an issue with conversion crashing when URL length is more than 1000 chars.
  • Fixed an issue title taking more than 40 chars when left to default.
  • Increased Named Pipe buffer from 2k to 12k.
  • Added support for logging conversion errors.
  • Updated help documentation.
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