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DynamicPDF PrintManager for .NET - Version History

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 31598)

  • Resolved the random media type selection issue when the PrintJob’s media type property is not set.
  • Fixed an issue where InputPdf class of PrintManager API is not releasing the input PDF.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 31045)

  • Incorrect print alignment issue has been fixed.
  • Incorrect exception thrown by different dlls (x86 & x64) has been resolved.
  • AccessViolationException while opening the PDFs for printing has been fixed.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 28112)

  • Licensing\watermark issue while using PrintManager in a web application has been resolved.
  • Exception caused when simultaneously printing several print jobs has been resolved.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 27524)

  • CJK bin file (fpdfcjk.bin) not required to print PDFs with Asian language fonts.
  • Resolved an issue where certain symbols on the PDF are not rendered when converted to an image.
  • Fixed and issue where an error is thrown when opening a PDF with file name that contains special characters.
  • Exception when calling AppDomain.Unload has been fixed.
  • Index out of range exception while printing has been resolved.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 26264)

  • Updated documentation.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.2 for .NET (Build 25732)

  • Fixed an issue where the Pages collection on InputPdf class was returning null when iterated using foreach.
  • Resolved the bug in collate feature.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0.1 for .NET (Build 24892)

  • Transperancy property on MediaTypeList class is made obsolete. Use Transparency property instead

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0 for .NET (Build 24339)

  • An issue in gray scale rendering has been fixed.
  • Licensing\watermark issue while using PrintManager in a web application has been resolved.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0 for .NET (Build 24101)

  • Resolved an issue where multiline text is being printed in a single line.
  • Fixed an issue where PrintJob.PrintOptions.Color settings is not working on certain printers.
  • Printing exception while setting the orientation has been resolved.
  • Resolved a bug related to PrintJob exceptions not getting captured by try..catch block.
  • Bug related to unreadable barcodes is fixed.

DynamicPDF PrintManager v2.0 for .NET (Build 23618)

  • Initial Release
  • See Features page for a complete list of features.

Version Notes of DynamicPDF PrintManager v1.0 for .NET

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