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DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET - Version History

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 32144)

  • Resolved an issue where the Draw method hangs while rasterizing defective PDFs.
  • Fixed a System.AccessViolation exception when using VS 2015 & .NET 4.x.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 28903)

  • Fixed an issue where certain elements in the PDF are missing in the output image.
  • Resolved a bug that is causing additional unwanted content to appear in the output image.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 28105)

  • Licensing\watermark issue while using Rasterizer in a web application has been resolved.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 27286)

  • Resolved an issue where certain symbols on the PDF are not rendered when converted to an image.
  • Fixed an issue where AccessViolationException is thrown when accessing a PDF with accented characters in file name.
  • CJK bin file (fpdfcjk.bin) not required to rasterize PDFs with Asian language fonts.
  • Documentation Updates.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 25578)

  • Fixed an issue where rendering page to image becomes slower after first iteration.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 24234)

  • Fixed an incorrect outer exception when an invalid license key is added.
  • Resolved an issue with not being able to open certain files.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF contents are rendered partially.
  • Fixed parameter is not valid error that is thrown while running application with multi-threaded environment.
  • Licensing\watermark issue while using Rasterizer in a web application has been resolved.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 23667)

  • Fixed an issue where the font file is being ignored when used in a web application.
  • Resolved an issue where certain PDFs are loaded slowly.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 23184)

  • Fixed the document load exception thrown when certain PDFs are opened for rasterization.
  • Resolved an issue where certain images on the PDF are not rasterized correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with TIFF rasterization.
  • Improved memory usage when generating large images.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 20524)

  • Resolved an issue with text getting overlapped when the PDF is converted to image.
  • Fixed an installer issue.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET v2.0 (Build 18858)

  • Original Release.

Version Notes of DynamicPDF Rasterizer v1.0 for .NET

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Just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly and your product is great. It was easy to implement and we had no problems getting it going. I think I already sent you guys an email about this but your programmers did a great job because the object model is written very well (especially compared to the other pdf component we almost went with).

-- Trevor Pinkney, Azentra Inc.

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