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DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX - Feature Chart

Review the below feature chart to see the features that are included with each edition:

DynamicPDF Generator v8.0 for COM/ActiveX Feature Community Editions Professional Editions Enterprise Editions
Page Elements
Group X X X
Label X X X
Page Numbering Label X X X
Layout Grid X X X
Line X X X
Rectangle X X X
Bookmark   X X
Circle   X X
Image Limited X X
Background Image   X X
Link   X X
Path   X X
Text Area   X X
Formatted Text Area (Limited HTML)   X X
Table   X X
Table2 (New Table with Improved Functionality)   X X
Ordered Lists   X X
Unordered Lists   X X
Transformation Group   X X
Transparency Group   X X
Anchor Group   X X
Note   X X
22 Bar Code Page Elements     X
7 Acro Form Field Page Elements     X
6 Chart Page Elements     X
Custom Page Elements   X X
Bar Codes
Vector based Embedded Bar Codes - No Fonts     X
Intelligent Mail Barcode     X
Data Matrix Barcode     X
PDF417     X
MacroPDF417     X
Code 128     X
Code 3 of 9     X
Code 2 of 5     X
Interleaved Code 2 of 5     X
Postnet     X
Codabar     X
EAN/JAN 13     X
EAN/JAN 13 Supplement 2     X
EAN/JAN 13 Supplement 5     X
UPC Version A     X
UPC Version A Supplement 2     X
UPC Version A Supplement 5     X
EAN/JAN 8     X
EAN/JAN 8 Supplement 2     X
EAN/JAN 8 Supplement 5     X
UPC Version E     X
UPC Version E Supplement 2     X
UPC Version E Supplement 5     X
QR 2D-Barcode     X
MSI Barcode (also known as Modified Plessey)     X
RM4SCC(Royal Mail) Barcode     X
Vector based Embedded Charts - No Images     X
Area     X
Bar     X
Column     X
Line     X
Pie     X
Scatter     X
Acro Form Fields
Add Button Form Fields     X
Add Check box Form Fields     X
Add Combo box Form Fields     X
Add List box Form Fields     X
Add Radio Button Form Fields     X
Add Text Form Fields     X
Add Digital Signature Form Fields     X
JavaScript Support
JavaScript Actions     X
Document Level Javascript     X
Document Navigation
Outlines   X X
Outline Styles   X X
Outline Colors   X X
URL Link   X X
Zoom Page Destination   X X
X Y Page Destination   X X
Image Support
JPEG 2000   X X
Multi-Page TIFF   X X
TIFF To PDF Conversion   X X
Transparent Images X X X
Load From a File X X X
Load From Byte Array X X X
16 Bit Precision Per Component (Color)   X X
Font and Text Support
Font/Text Metrics  X X X
Font Families  X X X
14 Core PDF Fonts  X X X
6 Encoding for Core PDF Fonts  X X X
7 CJK Fonts From the Asian Font Pack  X X X
Unicode  X X X
OpenType (Including TrueType) Fonts   X X
Type 1 Fonts   X X
Font Embedding Options (Fully, Sub-Set or None)   X X
Right To Left Text  X X X
Text Rotation  X X X
Font Kerning   X X
Font Tracking   X X
Display Font Outlines As per page element license
Table Support
Table Horizontal and Vertical Continuation   X X
Automatic Cell Sizing   X X
Table Border Formatting (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)   X X
Cell Border Formatting (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)   X X
Cell Padding Control (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)   X X
Page Element in Cell   X X
Image in Cell   X X
Table in Cell   X X
Formatted Text Area in Cell (Limited HTML)   X X
Table Continuation/Flowing   X X
List Support
List Continuation   X X
Mix Ordered and Unordered Lists   X X
Unlimited Sub List Nesting   X X
Color Support
Gradients   X X
Spot Colors   X X
Web Colors X X X
RGB Colors X X X
CMYK Colors X X X
Grayscales X X X
Over 140 Predefined Colors X X X
16 Bit Precision Per Component (Color) X X X
Prepress Support
PDF-X/1a     X
PDF-X/3     X
Output Intents     X
ICC Profiles     X
PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b     X
PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2u     X
PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b and PDF/A-3u     X
PDF/A XMP Schema     X
PDF Tagging (Logical Structure)     X
Full OpenType or Type1 Font Embedding     X
Output Intents     X
ICC Profiles     X
Security and Encryption Support
Digital Signatures (Visible or Non-Visible)     X
Initialize Certificates from Store or File     X
User and Owner Passwords     X
RC4 40-Bit Encryption     X
RC4 128-Bit Encryption     X
AES 128-Bit Encryption     X
AES 256-Bit Encryption     X
Up to 8 User Access Permissions     X
Supports Leaving Metadata Unencrypted     X
Ability to Encrypt Only File Attachments     X
Document Templates and Sections
Break Document Into Sections X X X
Document Templates X X X
Section Templates X X X
Stamping Templates X X X
Even/Odd Templates X X X
Page And Section Labeling X X X
Other Features
Linearization (Fast Web View)  X X X
PDF Tagging (Logical Structure)     X
File Embedding   X X
Automatic Stream Compression  X X X
Page Numbering (Roman, Arabic, and Letter Numbering)  X X X
Output To a File  X X X
Output To a Byte Array  X X X
Output To IIS's Output Stream  X X X
Force File Download Support  X X X
XMP Metadata     X
Document Optimization (Image Data Only)     X
Document Custom Properties   X X

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