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DynamicPDF for Java- Frequently Asked Questions

What version of the J2SE is supported?

The J2SE 1.5.X is supported. DynamicPDF™ for Java is suitable for all servlet engines, java application servers, and standalone applications on Linux and Windows based operating systems or servers.

DynamicPDF™ for Java has been tested under the following Java servers using J2SE 1.5.X:

  • BEA Weblogic v12c
  • IBM WebSphere v8.5
  • Jboss EAP v6.0.4
  • GlassFish Application Server v4.0
  • Tomcat 8.0

Is DynamicPDF v7.0 for Java compatible with DynamicPDF v8.0 for Java?
DynamicPDF v8.0 for Java contains significant improvements over DynamicPDF v7.0 for Java and is mostly compatible with that product. However, small changes may need to be made to your code. A complete list of differences can be found on the Compatibility page.

If we purchase a Server Edition do we need a seperate license for our development server and development workstations?
No, Server Editions are licensed per production server. You may use the same license on development workstations and development servers.

If we purchase a Developer Edition, do we need to license servers that we deploy to?
No, Developer Editions are licensed per developer. A developer can deploy an unlimited number of server or workstation based applications and assemblies royalty free.

How is the licensing information included in my redistributable application?
With a developer license, your unique license key is embedded in your application or added with one line of code when your application starts. This license key can be retrieved from our website after purchasing a Developer Edition license.

Our server has multiple processors. Do I need to purchase a license for each processor?
No, our Java products place no restrictions on the number of processors on the machine.

Do I need to purchase a maintenance plan to receive upgrades or updates?
No, a maintenance plan is not required for major version upgrades but it is the most cost effective way to stay current with major version releases. Upgrades without an active maintenance plan will receive a credit based on the released and purchased version (credits are available for up to 2 versions back).

Our server has multiple processors. Do I need to purchase a license for each processor?
No, this product places no restrictions on the number of processors on the machine.

Are there recurring costs when using your product?
No, once you purchase a license you can use that version of the software as long as you like. You can choose to purchase a support plan if you want preffered e-mail and telephone support and free upgrades between major versions.

Why do I see the PDF code in the browser instead of the PDF document?
This can be caused by using the refresh button after correcting an error. IE does not update the MIME type when using the refresh button. It is best to always link to the page from another to ensure that the MIME type is set correctly. This can also be caused by outputting HTML before the DrawToWeb method is called or by adding custom HTTP headers to the output stream.

I have already set the classpath to your Jar file. Still I am unable to run the examples. Why?
Verify whether classpath exists to the current working directory. If not add "." in your classpath.

Can I put the servlet examples inside a sub-directory within the default directory of the web server?
No, since servlet examples do not belong to any package.

Where I can store the DynamicLicenseServlet ?
You can store DynamicLicenseServlet at any location accessible within the web server after editing the source code and adding the appropriate package statement. Then modify the servlet mapping entries in your web.xml appropriately.

What image types are supported?
DynamicPDF™ Merger for Java relies on DynamicPDF™ Generator for Java for all of the Page Elements including the images. It supports all the formats that DynamicPDF™ Generator for Java supports: Jpeg, Jpeg 2000, Png, Gif, and Tiff images. It accepts images from a physical file or a ByteArray.

Note: The above only applies to new images added to the PDF. Any and all images pre-existing on the PDF are preserved.

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