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DynamicPDF™ Generator Classic - Examples

DynamicPDF™ Generator Classic Program Flow Example

The basic program flow for a script using DynamicPDF™ Generator Classic is as follows:

  1. Create a document object.
  2. Add a page to the document.
  3. Add page elements (i.e. TextArea) to the page.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 untill all pages are complete.
  5. Generate (Draw) the PDF document.

    ASP Example Script:
    Option Explicit
    Dim objDoc, objPage
    'Create Document object and set properties
    Set objDoc = Server.CreateObject("DPDF_Gen.Document")
    'Add a page to the document
    Set objPage = objDoc.AddPage()
    'Add a textarea to the page
    objPage.AddTextArea "Hello World, Page 1", 0, 0, 504, 54
    'Add a second page to the document
    Set objPage = objDoc.AddPage()
    'Add a textarea to the second page
    objPage.AddTextArea "Hello World, Page 2", 0, 0, 504, 54
    'Draw the Document to the Browser
    'Object cleanup
    Set objPage = Nothing
    Set objDoc = Nothing

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