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DynamicPDF™ Generator Classic - Version History

Generator Classic 2.6b
  • Updated the licensing manager.
Generator Classic 2.6
  • Added an angle property to the TextArea, Image, and Rectangle objects.
  • Added support for the Type 1 font.
  • Added ability to import TrueType fonts from a file even if they are not installed on the system.
  • Resloved an issue with CMYK JPEGs.
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Updated example files.
Generator Classic 2.5.5
  • Updated licensing to correctly count physical processors on a server that uses hyperthreading.
  • Resloved an issue with grayscale JPEGs.
  • Added a Leading property to the TextArea object.
Generator Classic 2.5.4
  • Fixed seldomn encountered bug with the TextArea.HasOverFlowText and TextArea.OverFlowText properties.
Generator Classic 2.5.3
  • Updated the Metrics.GetTextHeight method to clip trailing new line sequences from the Text attribute.
  • Fixed seldom encountered bug with the word wrap functionality of the TextArea object.
Generator Classic 2.5.2
  • Fixed word wrap problem with data from UNIX systems (LF newline sequence).
  • Fixed bug that clipped characters above character code 127 from the end of a TextArea.
  • Fixed bug that could potentially crash IIS when an invalid TrueType font was specified.
  • Updated help documentation.
Generator Classic 2.5.1b
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Updated example files.
Generator Classic 2.5.1
  • Fixed a bug with zero length strings on the TextArea object.
Generator Classic 2.5
  • Added support for indexed and grayscale PNG images.
  • Images can have a different X and Y scale. Added ScaleX, ScaleY and KeepProportions properties to the Image object.
  • Fixed a bug with the DrawToASP method when delivering documents over an SSL connection.
  • New licensing model.
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