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DynamicPDF ReportWriter

DynamicPDF ReportWriter is designed to quickly generate PDF reports from database queries and stored procedures. It has the same IIS integration found in DynamicPDF Generator Classic while adding ADO integration. This makes it possible to generate dynamic PDF reports from any database that can be accessed from ADO 2.6. DynamicPDF ReportWriter's COM interface makes it possible to access the component from any language that supports COM/ActiveX (such as ColdFusion). The object model is easy to understand and designed for optimal performance in a server environment. The latest version adds support for 18 reporting events, greatly increasing the flexibility of the Reporting engine.

Flexible Licensing

ReportWriter is available in two licensing models. Server based licensing is intended for developers who wish to install our software on their server or web server. It is licensed per production server and allows an unlimited number of installations on development workstations and servers. This licensing model is ideal for those who wish to install our software on a limited number of servers and allows us to offer a lower price to developers who do not intend to distribute our software to a large number of servers or workstations.

Developer based licensing is intended for developers who wish to distribute our software to a large number of clients. It allows one developer to develop an unlimited number of client or server based applications that use our product and distribute them royalty free. Our assemblies can easily be deployed with another application using XCOPY or a setup program.


  • True PDF Generation. DynamicPDF ReportWriter generates PDF code from scratch. It is not a printer driver and there is no need to import an existing PDF document. PDF documents are created dynamically in much the same way that ASP or ColdFusion creates HTML pages dynamically.

  • High Performance. DynamicPDF ReportWriter is a highly efficient COM/ActiveX component. It integrates with IIS and ADO for optimal performance.

  • ASP/IIS Optimization. When using the DrawToASP method of the report object, DynamicPDF ReportWriter generates the PDF in memory and outputs it directly to ASP's response object. This results in superior performance and avoids the need for costly temp files.

  • Flexibility. DynamicPDF ReportWriter can be used from any language that supports COM objects. Generated PDF documents can be returned as a byte array or saved directly to disk. This allows the component to be used from ColdFusion as well as in Visual Basic, C++, and .NET applications.

  • Extensibility. DynamicPDF ReportWriter can be used as a base component for other products.

  • Events Support. DynamicPDF ReportWriter supports 18 events during the process of generating a report. The events can be used to greatly increase the flexibility of the Reporting engine.

  • Page Element Rotation. Text and /Images can be rotated at any angle on the page.

  • Font Embedding. TrueType and Type 1 fonts can be embedded in the report.

  • Easy to Learn. Our simple object model reduces the learning curve for DynamicPDF ReportWriter. You will be generating your own dynamic PDF reports in minutes.

  • Page Numbering. The current page number and total pages can be added to any page in the document. If your report uses sections, pages can be numbered with each section as well.

  • Five Part Reports. The report can be divided into up to five parts and records can be grouped into sections. The five report parts are: Header, Section Header, Body, Section Footer, and Footer.

  • 100% Compliant With PDF Standard. DynamicPDF™ ReportWriter is 100% compliant with Adobe's published PDF standard for PDF version 1.3. Generated PDF documents are viewable from any viewer that complies with these standards.

Object Oriented Design

DynamicPDF™ ReportWriter has three types of objects:
  • Report Object. This is the first object that is created and represents a report.

  • Report Part Objects. The report object has five report parts: Header object, Section Header object, Body object, Section Footer object, and Footer object.

  • Report Element Objects. Report element objects are added to a report part. These elements are drawn to the PDF document when the report is generated. There are currently five report element objects: Image object, Label object, Line object, RecordBox object, and Rectangle object.

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I have a preference in using your product rather than Crystal specifically due to the look of your product over the look of Crystal Reports and especially due to the customer service we have received. Phenomenal is an understatement.

-- C. Dahlkvist, Distributed Applications Manager, Berger Transfer & Storage

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