What is DynamicPDF Viewer?

DynamicPDF Viewer

Software developers can take our customizable ActiveX control, DynamicPDF Viewer, and fully embed it into any WinForm (.NET or VB6) application. No longer rely on an external viewer for displaying or interacting with your PDF documents. DynamicPDF Viewer utilizes the proven efficiency and reliability of the Foxit PDF rendering engine while still maximizing performance and compatibility with all our other DynamicPDF products. With a Free Evaluation Edition to try, why not start using DynamicPDF Viewer Today!

Adding DynamicPDF Viewer control to a Visual Basic 6 Windows Form

  • Create or open a Visual Basic project.
  • Open the Toolbox. (View Menu -> Toolbox)
  • Right click inside the Toolbox and select "Components".
  • From the "Components" Dialog, go to the Controls tab.
  • Click on the "Browse..." button and browse to the "DynamicPDFViewer.ocx" file.
  • From the Toolbox, select the DynamicPDF Viewer control and draw it onto the form.
  • Select the control and set its Name property to MyPdfViewer.

Open a PDF File (VB6)

VB6 code to open a PDF from a file path.

   1:  MyPdfViewer.OpenFile "DocumentA.pdf", "" 

Why Choose DynamicPDF Viewer?

         Download Viewer Today!

DynamicPDF Viewer v2.0 - Feature Chart

The Standard version of DynamicPDF Viewer can be downloaded and pruchased directly from our web site. If you are interested in Enterprise Edition features or customization of the Veiwer control, please contact our sales team at
sales@cete.com or by phone.
DynamicPDF Viewer v2.0 Features
Standard Features
Display a PDF file
Open a PDF from Memory
Display Without Toolbars
Customize the Viewing Window
Accurately Display Form Fields and Other Annotations
Navigate to specific Pages
Control Page Zoom and Viewable Area
Navigate Forward and Back
Retrieve Outlines (Bookmarks) and Outline Properties
Search and Highlight Keywords
Search PDFs in a Directory
Print a PDF
Silently Print a PDF
Retrieve Document Permissions
Retrieve Page Count
Retrieve Document Properties (Title, Author, Keywords, etc.)
Retrieve Page Size and Dimensions
Translate Coordinates on a Page
Additional Features (Please contact sales@cete.com)
Add a Watermark
Create and Edit Annotations
Convert PDF to Text
Import Form Data
Export Form Data
Edit Form Field Values
Execute Javascript

Small Footprint

While DynamicPDF Viewer provides developers all the functionality they need to view PDF documents within their WinForm application and it does so with a very small overall size. Less than 3.4MB will be added to the overall size of the application when DynamicPDF Viewer is added(Compare this to the near 20MB required by the different versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Efficient Loading

Open your first PDF document using DynamicPDF Viewer and you will see how efficient it really is. The launching of DynamicPDF Viewer is practically instantaneous and you are not forced to view any annoying splash screen during loading.

Custom Layout and Toolbar Control

With DynamicPDF Viewer you can set up the PDF viewer window exactly how you desire. Display the parts of the viewer window that you want and nothing more. The layout can be as simple as just displaying the PDF document to complex views displaying all toolbars, bookmarks, buttons, etc. You have complete control over the final DynamicPDF Viewer layout.

DynamicPDF Integration

If you are already using any of our other great DynamicPDF products or if you plan to in the future, you can rest assured that DynamicPDF Viewer will work seamlessly with all our other products. So whether you are creating PDF documents from scratch using DynamicPDF Generator or DynamicPDF ReportWriter , merging or filling in PDF documents using DynamicPDF Merger or converting files to PDFs with DynamicPDF Converter all the output PDFs can be seamlessly viewed using DynamicPDF Viewer. Additionally, since DynamicPDF Viewer can open files directly from a byte array you are not required to save your PDF files to disk before opening them.

Advanced PDF Viewing Features

While the Standard Edition of DynamicPDF Viewer gives developers all the basic viewing functionality expected in a PDF viewing control we also offer an Enterprise Edition of DynamicPDF Viewer that provides more advanced features. Take a look at our DynamicPDF Viewer Feature Chart for a list of features that can be included in the Enterprise Edition.

Additionally, it is possible for the DynamicPDF Viewer to be completely customized to meet your specific needs. If there is a feature not currently offered in either editions, please contact our sales team (sales@cete.com or by phone ) and would be happy to talk to you about providing a solution that satisfies your specific needs.

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