Java PDF Creation and Merging - Version 7 BETA Release

Thu, October 25 2012, 5:19 PM (US Eastern Time)

The Version 7 BETA of DynamicPDF Generator and Merger is now up on our site for download and testing, here.

For any one new to these products, DynamicPDF for Java allows you to quickly and easily Create PDFs in Java, Merge PDFs in Java and so much more!

We have added some great new features into Version 7 including QR Codes, AES 128 & 256 encryption support, text extraction, full form field flattening and a bunch more.  See the full list of features here.

Any questions, issues or comments please email our support team,

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DynamicPDF for COM ActiveX Core Suite Version 7 Release

Fri, October 5 2012, 2:54 PM (US Eastern Time)

We are happy to announce the full release of Dynamic PDF Core Suite v7.0 (including Merger, Generator and ReportWriter).  Thank you to everyone who helped with the beta testing!

The version 7 for COM ActiveX includes new PDF encryption algorithm support (AES 128 and 256, RC4 128 and crypt filter support), adding QR codes to PDF, true PDF form flattening and lots more.  Check out our full list of new PDF features here.

Do you love these great new features?  Are there some we missed that you would want to see in a future version?  Let us know by commenting below.

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