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Forum Thread - Unicode Symbols in FormattedTextArea

 Mar 07 2018 2:58 PM

I'm trying to get Unicode symbols to render in a table using the Unicode code symbols and a FormattedTextArea. Each time I try different symbols, it appears that the Unicode Code Point is just rendered "as-is", as if it were just text.

Here is my code (C#)  for adding the text to the PDF:

Font unicodeFont = new OpenTypeFont(@"ARIALUNI.TTF");
FontFamily family = new FontFamily("ArialFont", unicodeFont);
var text = "\\U00C6";
FormattedTextArea area = new FormattedTextArea(text, 0,0,150, 150, family, 14, true);
Row2 newRow = _theTable.Rows.Add(ROWHEIGHT, unicodeFont, ROWFONTSIZE);


When this table renders, I get the following text:


Am I missing something?

Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

When you specify the Unicode hex value as a string use single \ and a lower case “u” as shown below.

var text = "\u00C6";


ceTe Software Support Team.
Thank you so much! This now works!

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