What is DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET?

DynamicPDF Viewer For .NET

Software developers can take our customizable .NET control, DynamicPDF Viewer, and fully embed it into any .NET WinForm application. No longer rely on an external viewer for displaying or interacting with your PDF documents. DynamicPDF Viewer utilizes the proven efficiency and reliability of the Foxit PDF rendering engine while still maximizing performance and compatibility with all our other DynamicPDF products. With a Free Evaluation Edition to try, why not start using DynamicPDF Viewer Today!

Open a PDF File (C# and VB.NET)

After adding the Viewer control to the form, use the following C# or VB.NET code to open a PDF from a file path.

C# Code:
1: pdfViewer.Open(@"C:\DocumentA.pdf");
VB.NET Code:
1: pdfViewer.Open("C:\DocumentA.pdf")

Why Choose DynamicPDF Viewer For .NET?

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DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET v1.0 - Feature Chart

  • Display a PDF from File or Byte Array
  • Open a Password Protected/Encrypted PDF
  • Display Without Toolbars
  • Customize the Viewing Window
  • Display Form Field Content (Flattens Fields)
  • Navigate to specific Pages
  • Control Page Zoom and Viewable Area
  • Navigate Forward and Back
  • Retrieve Outlines (Bookmarks)
  • Search and Highlight Keywords
  • Print a PDF
  • Retrieve Document Permissions
  • Retrieve Page Count
  • Retrieve Document Properties (Title, Author, Keywords, etc.)
  • Retrieve the current View and retain it later
  • Able to track Pages and its position in display

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Customer Quote
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Just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly and your product is great. It was easy to implement and we had no problems getting it going. I think I already sent you guys an email about this but your programmers did a great job because the object model is written very well (especially compared to the other pdf component we almost went with).

Trevor Pinkney, Azentra Inc.