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DynamicPDF Generator for Java - Overview

Generator for Java is a highly efficient and easy to use class library for the dynamic creation of PDF documents based on dynamic data. PDF documents can be saved to disk, output to a java.io.OutputStream object or output directly to Webserver's output stream using javax.servlet.ServletOutputStream. The generated PDF documents are 100% compatible with PDF version 1.3 thru 1.7 and comply with the PDF specification as published by Adobe.

Generator for Java Community Edition

The DynamicPDF Generator for Java Community Edition is a free version of the product. It can be used and distributed free of charge and gives complete access to the Group, Label, Layout Grid, Line and Rectangle Page Element objects as well as limited access to the image object. While using the Community Edition all other features of the Professional and Enterprise versions can be evaluated. Refer to the feature chart for a complete list of features available with the Community Edition.

Flexible Licensing

Generator for Java is available in two licensing models. Server based licensing is intended for developers who wish to install our software on their server or web server. It is licensed per production server and allows an unlimited number of installations on development workstations and servers. This licensing model is ideal for those who wish to install our software on a limited number of servers and allows us to offer a lower price to developers who do not intend to distribute our software to a large number of servers or workstations.

Developer based licensing is intended for developers who wish to distribute our software to a large number of clients. It allows one developer to develop an unlimited number of client or server based applications that use our product and distribute them royalty free.


Generator for Java was designed with perfomance in mind. PDF documents are generated with a single pass architecture allowing the output data to be sent to the output stream as the document is being created. This minimizes the amount of data stored in RAM as the document is created and frees up resources as quickly as possible.

The object model is also multithread safe. Multiple threads can generate PDF documents at the same time. Page Elements, Fonts, Images and other resources can be shared between threads without interfering with each other.

Generator for Java creates PDF documents from scratch and does not require the resources of a printer driver.


The Generator for Java object model is highly extensible. It includes an API for the development of Custom Page Elements and allows many of the base classes to be inherited. DynamicPDF Merger for Java is a good example of what can be accomplished when extending the object model. It is possible to produce PDF documents that utilize just about any PDF feature by extending the appropriate class.

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