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DynamicPDF Viewer v2.0.0 for .NET New Features

  • Independent toolbar control.
  • Separate bookmarks/navigation panel.
  • Zoom to selected area (Marquee Zoom).
  • Show or hide Viewer control’s status bar.
  • Intercept dialog boxes (Print & File Open) with the help of a new event.
  • New property to change units of measurement.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • Improved page numbering & zoom control functionality.
  • New method to invoke “About” dialog box.
  • New property to set control’s back color.
  • New event to handle exceptions in Viewer control.
  • Print selected area of a page.
  • Navigate page view by specifying x, y offset values.

DynamicPDF Viewer v1.0.4 for .NET New Features

  • New ExceptionOccurred event for catching and handling exceptions.

DynamicPDF Viewer v1.0.3 for .NET New Features

  • Ability to specify if the Viewer gets focus when a new PDF is opened.
  • Minor improvements to search functionality.

DynamicPDF Viewer v1.0.2 for .NET New Features

  • Ability to retrieve page size information.
  • CJK bin file (fpdfcjk.bin) not required to view PDFs with Asian language fonts.
  • Efficient loading of PDF bookmarks.

DynamicPDF Viewer v1.0.1 for .NET New Features

  • Ability to retrieve page numbers of a bookmark.
  • New display/cursor mode.
  • New tool bar button to invoke search.
  • Ability to retrieve document and page information while printing.
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