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DynamicPDF Merger for COM - Version History

DynamicPDF v8.0.4 for .COM/ActiveX (Build 33908)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for .NET:
    • IndexOutOfRangeException while adding Japanese fonts is resolved.
    • Fixed an issue where adding AttributeObject to Table2 is removing all tags.
    • Cell2 padding issue resolved that causes the text to add incorrectly in the cell.
    • Text wrapping of x & y-axis labels of IndexedBarSeries can be specified by setting MaximumLabelWidth property.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for .NET:
    • PdfParsingException while merging specific PDFs is fixed.
    • XMLExceptions while merging specific PDFs is fixed.
    • NullReferenceException while merging specific PDFs is fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where adding a new page element to an existing tagged PDF is not tagging the new page element automatically.
    • Text alignment issue in TextField after filling is resolved.
    • Fixed an issue where filling certain form fields is displaying + sign in the form field when the PDF is viewed.

DynamicPDF v8.0.3 for COM/ActiveX (Build 32781)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX:
    • Fixed an issue with IndexedLineSeries & DateTimeLineSeries.
    • Resolved an InvalidCastException while adding FormattedTextArea through group to cell of Table.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX:
    • XmlException while merging PDF is resolved.
    • Fixed a NullReferenceException while merging and setting RootFormField merge option.
    • NullReferenceException while merging the PDF is resolved.
    • An issue with adding ImportedPageArea to the cell through AreaGroup is fixed.

DynamicPDF v8.0.2 for COM/ActiveX (Build 32445)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX:
    • Fixed an issue with row height and column width of Table2 class.
    • Resolved a text alignment issue for barcodes (Rm4scc and IntelligentMailBarCode).
    • Fixed an issue where the PDF is not created correctly from specific TIFF files.
    • In a pie chart, label will not be displayed for values of zero.
    • Fixed an issue where minus symbol is not rendered correctly.
    • ArgumentOutOfRangeException while adding an empty table is fixed.
    • IndexOutOfRangeException while adding numbers as string to the combo box is resolved.
    • Fixed an issue with PDF/A-3 embedded files.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX:
    • Fixed an issue with extracting text from specific PDFs.
    • FormatException while adding file attachments to a PDF is fixed.
    • NullReferenceException while merging specific PDF is resolved.

DynamicPDF v8.0.1 for COM/ActiveX (Build 32039)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX:
    • Output PDF rendering issue in FireFox browser is fixed.
    • Text alignment issue for Rm4scc and Intelligent Mail barcodes is resolved.
    • IndexOutofRange exception while converting a TIFF to PDF is fixed.
    • Resolved an issue where FormattedTextArea is rendering incorrect text.
    • Fixed a couple of Table2 bugs.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX:
    • Several text extraction issues are fixed.
    • Invalid cast exception while merging certain PDFs is resolved.
    • IndexOutofRange exception when importing pages for a specific PDF is fixed.
    • NullReferenceException while calling getTargetPageNumber() for certain PDFs has been fixed.
    • IndexOutofRange exception while merging PDFs is resolved.

DynamicPDF v8.0.1 for COM/ActiveX (Build 31262)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX:
    • Fixed an issue where the last two rows of overflow table are missing.
    • Issue with adding text with MICR.TTF font has been resolved.
    • File size of the DynamicPDF dll increased significantly due to additional resources being embedded.
    • Resolved an issue with wrapping text after hyphen symbol in FormattedTextArea.
    • Error while setting multiselect ListBox Read-only has been fixed.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX:
    • Optimized form flattening logic to resolve a memory issue.
    • Fixed an issue where null reference exception is thrown while extracting text for certain pdfs.
    • StackOverflowException while merging corrupt PDFs is fixed.

DynamicPDF v8.0.1 for COM/ActiveX (Build 30513)

  • DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX:
    • Several TIFF to PDF conversion issues are fixed.
    • Couple of PDF generation issues that are causing errors when the resulting PDF is viewed/printed in Adobe Reader are resolved.
  • DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX:
    • Resolved several PDF merging issues that are specific to certain PDFs.

DynamicPDF v8.0.0 for COM/ActiveX (Build 28273)

  • Fixed an issue with structure element dictionary.

DynamicPDF v8.0.0 for COM/ActiveX (Build 27776)

  • Initial product release.
  • Updated the Help Documentation.

Version Notes for DynamicPDF v7.x for COM/ActiveX

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