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DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX - Overview

DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX is an easy-to-use tool for creating real-time PDF reports. It builds on our popular DynamicPDF ReportWriter Classic component and adds many new features including a GUI report designer. It integrates with DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX and DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX allowing use of any of their licensed features while creating reports.

DynamicPDF Designer

DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX uses a new XML based file format with a .DPLX extension to represent the layout of a report. These files can be created and edited using DynamicPDF Designer our new WYSIWYG design tool. Using DynamicPDF Designer, developers as well as report designers can now quickly and visually layout PDF reports.

DynamicPDF Designer provides a look and feel that is similar to Visual Studio 2005 making it easy to pickup and use. DPLX report templates can quickly be created or edited and all 12 report elements can be dragged and dropped onto reports. The properties window can then be used to fine tune any details of the report. Once a DPLX file is created it can easily be used with ReportWriter to create real-time PDF reports.


DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX offers a high degree of flexibility in the creation of PDF reports. It integrates with DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX and DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX allowing all of their features to be incorporated into output PDF documents. Using this integration it is possible to perform tasks like those show below:

  • Use an existing PDF as a cover page for a report.
  • Insert a report in the middle of an existing PDF.
  • Combine PDF form filling with a report.
  • Output multiple reports as well as formatted pages to a report.
  • Add barcodes, shapes, dynamic images or interactive form fields to reports.
  • Password protect or encrypt reports.
  • Create reports for prepress (PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3).

These tasks and many more can be accomplished by using the event driven object model or by running reports to an existing Document or MergeDocument object.


The introduction of DynamicPDF Designer and the DPLX file format make the use of DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX very straight forward and easy to understand. PDF reports can be created from DPLX file with just three lines of code and when more complex tasks are required, events or object from the DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX or DynamicPDF Merger for COM/ActiveX can be incorporated with ease. For web applications, a DplxWebForm base class is included which automatically reads a DPLX file and streams the resulting PDF report directly to the browser with just one line of code.

High Performance

DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX builds PDF reports using the highly reliable and efficient DynamicPDF Generator for COM/ActiveX. Report Elements are output to PDF using its object model and numerous other performance DPLX files can be cached and shared in a multi-threaded environment. DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX has been designed to excel in high load environments where high performance and reliability are key.

Flexible Licensing Model

ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX is available in two licensing models. Server based licensing is intended for developers who wish to install our software on their server or web server. It is licensed per production server and allows an unlimited number of installations on development workstations and development servers. This licensing model is ideal for those who wish to install our software on a limited number of servers and allows us to offer a lower price to developers who do not intend to distribute our software to a large number of servers or workstations.

Developer based licensing is intended for developers who wish to distribute our software to a large number of clients. It allows one developer to develop an unlimited number of client or server based applications that use our product and distribute them royalty free. Our assemblies can easily be deployed with another application using XCOPY or a setup program.

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