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DynamicPDF™ ReportWriter - Version History

ReportWriter 1.6
  • Added an angle property to the RecordBox, Label, Image, and Rectangle objects.
  • Added support for the Type 1 font.
  • Added ability to import TrueType fonts from a file even if they are not installed on the system.
  • Resloved an issue with CMYK JPEG images.
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Updated example files.
  • Includes DynamicPDF™ Generator 2.6.
ReportWriter 1.5.3
  • Updated licensing to correctly count physical processors on a server that uses hyperthreading.
  • Added a Leading property to the RecordArea and Label objects.
  • Changed when the OnSectionEnd event fires.
  • Includes DynamicPDF™ Generator 2.5.5.
ReportWriter 1.5.2d
  • Includes DynamicPDF™ Generator 2.5.4.
ReportWriter 1.5.2c
  • Includes DynamicPDF™ Generator 2.5.3.
ReportWriter 1.5.2b
  • Includes DynamicPDF™ Generator 2.5.2.
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Updated example files.
ReportWriter 1.5.2
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Updated help documentation.
  • Updated example files. Added a C# example.
ReportWriter 1.5.1c
  • Updated example files.
ReportWriter 1.5.1b
  • Added additional example files.
ReportWriter 1.5.1
  • Fixed a bug that affected the RecordBox object when a field from the database was null.
  • Changed the function prototypes for the Report objects events. This was done to allow JScript to use these events.
  • Updated help documentation.
ReportWriter 1.5
  • Added support for events on the Report, RecordBox, Label, Image and Line objects.
  • Added support for indexed and grayscale PNG images.
  • Images can have a different X and Y scale. Added ScaleX, ScaleY and KeepProportions properties to the Image object.
  • Fixed a bug with the DrawToASP method when delivering documents over an SSL connections.
  • New licensing model.
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