DynamicPDF Converter For .NET Features

DynamicPDF Converter supports conversion to PDF from over 50 file types. The following lists the supported files and any optional software requirements.

Please refer to System Requirements and Limitations for software requirements.

File Extension File Type Software Requirements
RTF Rich Text Format Microsoft Word
TXT Plain Text None
DOC Microsoft Word 95-2003 Document Microsoft Word
DOCX Microsoft Word Document Microsoft Word
XLS Microsoft Excel 95-2003 Document Microsoft Excel
XLSX Microsoft Excel Document Microsoft Excel
PPT Microsoft PowerPoint 95-2003 Document Microsoft PowerPoint
PPTX Microsoft PowerPoint Document Microsoft PowerPoint
HTM/HTML HTML Document None
BMP Bitmap Image None
GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format None
ICO Icons None
JPEG/JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format None
PNG Portable Network Graphics None
TIFF/TIF Tagged Interchange File None
WMF Windows Meta File None
EMF Enhanced Windows Meta File None
WPD/DOC Word Perfect Document Microsoft Word
WPS Microsoft Works Document Microsoft Word
WRI Windows Write Document Microsoft Word
DOT Microsoft Word 95-2003 Document Template Format Microsoft Word
DOTM Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document Template Format Microsoft Word
DOTX Microsoft Word Document Template Format Microsoft Word
DOCM Microsoft Word Macro Enabled Document Template Format Microsoft Word
XLW Microsoft Excel Workbook Microsoft Excel
XLM Microsoft Excel Macro Microsoft Excel
XLA Microsoft Excel Add-In Microsoft Excel
XLTM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Document Template Format Microsoft Excel
XLTX Microsoft Excel Document Template Format Microsoft Excel
XLSM Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel
XLSB Microsoft Excel Binary Workbook Microsoft Excel
XLAM Microsoft Excel Add-In Microsoft Excel
CSV Comma-Separated Variables Microsoft Excel
DBF Database File Microsoft Excel
SLK Symbolic Link Format Microsoft Excel
DIF Data Interchange Format Microsoft Excel
POT Microsoft PowerPoint 95-2003 Template Format Microsoft PowerPoint
POTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Template Format Microsoft PowerPoint
POTX Microsoft PowerPoint Template Format Microsoft PowerPoint
PPTM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint
PPSM Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Slide Show Microsoft PowerPoint
PPS Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 Slide Show Microsoft PowerPoint
PPSX Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show Microsoft PowerPoint
XML XML Format None
XML Microsoft Word XML Format Microsoft Word
XML Microsoft Excel XML Format Microsoft Excel

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