The DynamicPDF Converter API supports the conversion of over 50 files types directly to PDF. The application flow of most applications using DynamicPDF Converter is as follows.

GitHub Project

Refer to the converter-dotnet-core example project on GitHub for examples using C# and Visual Basic. Each converter class has an example that also demonstrates using the class's conversion options.

C# Visual Basic
HtmlFileConversion.cs HtmlFileConversion.vb
JpegImageConversion.cs JpegImageConversion.vb
JpgImageConversion.cs JpgImageConversion.vb
GifImageConversion.cs GifImageConversion.vb
PngImageConversion.cs PngImageConversion.vb
TiffImageConversion.cs TiffImageConversion.vb
TextFileConversion.cs TextFileConversion.vb
DocFileConversion.cs DocFileConversion.vb

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