Included Examples

The DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET evaluation edition (download here: includes the following seven example programs.

Example Example Description
SimplePDFViewer This example highlights the DynamicPDF Viewer Window 's default behavior.
HiddenToolbars This example demonstrates hiding all toolbars within a Viewer window and creating several custom buttons that expose limited user functionality (Open, Print and Close).
ParallelView This example demonstrates adding two Viewer instances into one window for the purpose of document comparison. The viewing option specified in a left pane is mimicked in the right pane.
CustomToolStrip This example demonstrates how to replace default toolbar items with custom toolbar items. It also shows toggling between custom and default toolbar items.
CustomSearchDialog This example illustrates how to override a default search window with a custom search dialog.
SplitControls This example demonstrates sharing a Toolbar or NavigationPanel between multiple PdfViewer controls.
PDFViewerCustomizations Example that demonstrates separate controls like Navigation Panel and Toolbar.

The default installation location for the evaluation edition examples is as follows:

GitHub Project

The example projects are available from the DynamicPDF GitHub project.

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