Reading Metadata

DynamicPDF Viewer supports displaying PDF metadata via the PdfDocument class. Available properties include Author, Subject, Title, Keywords, and other properties. See the API documentation for a complete list of available metadata properties.

The following example illustrates a message box containing metadata information for a provided PDF.

PdfDocument document = new PdfDocument(“Document.pdf”);
string metadata = "Author :" + document.Author + "\nSubject :" + document.Subject + "\nTitle :" + document.Title;
Dim MyDocument As New PdfDocument(pdfFilePath)
Dim DocumentMetaData As String
DocumentMetaData = "Author :" + MyDocument.Author + vbCrLf + "Subject :" + MyDocument.Subject + vbCrLf + "Title :" + MyDocument.Title

More Examples

For more complete examples, refer to the PdfDocument API page or refer to the GitHub examples project.

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