Printing to a Network Printer

Print PDF documents to network printers by adding a printer to the system where the application is running or by using a UNC path of the shared network printer.

Using Installed Network Printer

Use the printer name when creating a PrintJob object to install a network printer to the application's system, as the following example illustrates.

PrintJob printJob = new PrintJob("networkPrinterName");
Dim printJob As PrintJob = New PrintJob("networkPrinterName")

Refer to Microsoft help for more information on installing/adding printers.

Using UNC Path

Access a network printer using the UNC path.

PrintJob printJob = new PrintJob("\\IPAddress\PrinterShareName");
Dim printJob As PrintJob = New PrintJob("\\IPAddress\PrinterShareName") 

Accessing A Network Printer

When accessing a network printer, be sure you have correctly installed drivers and have the necessary permissions.

Note: you must have correct drivers and proper permissions.

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