DynamicPDF Rasterizer has two primary limitations; it cannot rendered embedded images and it does not support all XFA fields in an XFA form.

External Images

DynamicPDF Rasterizer does not support rendering images not embedded directly in a PDF. For example, if a PDF document embedded an image path within the PDF document rather then the image itself, then trying to render the image from a path would fail. Only actual images embedded in a PDF are supported.

XFA Forms

Depending on the XFA fields used, certain XFA forms are not supported by DynamicPDF Rasterizer. For example, many Adobe proprietary features (dynamic forms for example) are not supported.

Docker Containers

Rasterizer can be used with the Linux/Unix containers that has support for the libc library.

The Alpine container image is not supported as it uses the musl library instead of libc.

Rasterizer works with Linux/Unix containers that support the libc library.

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