DynamicBarcode Creator v2.0 for .NET (Build 33180)

  • Initial Release.
  • See Features page for a complete list of features.

DynamicBarcode Creator v1.0.1 for .NET (Build 30674)

  • Memory issue while generating GS1 barcode has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect width and height are being set for DataMatrix barcode.
  • Resolved an issue with setting SymbolHeight for Postnet barcode.
  • Several UPC barcode bugs are fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that is effecting RowHeight property of StackedGS1 barcode.
  • New exception classes added InvalidFormatException, InvalidSizeException.
  • Performance improvements.

DynamicBarcode Creator v1.0.0 for .NET (Build 30331)

  • Initial Release.
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We have been VERY pleased with your products and VERY impressed with how responsive you are to support questions. Thanks and keep up the good work!

John Wardlow, Duke Realty Corporation