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DynamicBarcode Creator for .NET

DynamicBarcode Creator for .NET is an easy-to-use .NET class library for creating barcode image files. DynamicBarcode Creator for .NET supports barcode output to BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and System.Drawing.Bitmap formats. All barcodes can be created with only two lines of .NET code, and the resultant output image file is rendered quickly and efficiently.

DynamicBarcode Creator for .NET Namespaces

The DynamicBarcode Creator for .NET elements are contained in the below namespaces.

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GitHub Examples

The barcode-creator-core-framework project on GitHub contains example code demonstrating how to use the DynamicBarcode creator software. There are examples using .NET Framework and Core for both C# and Visual Basic .NET.

The projects are:

Examples for each of these are provided for both VB .NET and C#.

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