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DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET BETA 2 Download

We appreciate your willingness to take part in this beta testing. Please contact support@cete.com with any questions or issues related to the beta release.

Download DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET BETA 2 (Build 34594) Installer

The DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET BETA 2 Installer installs:

  • .NET Assemblies
  • Help Documentation
  • Visual Studio Help Integration
  • VB.NET and C# Examples for Visual Studio .NET 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2015

DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET BETA 2 Documentation

DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET BETA 2 Features

Below is a list of new DynamicPDF v9.0.0 for .NET features. Along with the features listed below, there have been additional internal enhancements for overall component efficiency.

  • HTML Area (HTML v4.0 & CSS v2.1)
  • Improved memory handling (Optionally buffer large PDFs to disk)
  • Image ICC profiles embedded in PDF
  • PageNumberingLabel with padding zeros
  • Character shaping
  • New barcode features:
    • Australia Post
    • Aztec
    • Code 11
    • Code 93 & Extended Code 93
    • Deutsche Post Identcode
    • Deutsche Post Leitcode
    • EAN 14/GTIN-14
    • GS1 Databar (RSS)
    • IATA 2 of 5
    • ISBN
    • ISBN Supplement 2
    • ISBN Supplement 5
    • ISMN
    • ISMN Supplement 2
    • ISMN Supplement 5
    • ISSN
    • ISSN Supplement 2
    • ISSN Supplement 5
    • ITF 14
    • KIX (Dutch KIX, Royal TNT Post Kix)
    • Singapore Post
    • Support for FNC1 character input in Code 128
    • Support extended character set in Code 39
  • Support for Package PDFs (create, detect & extract files)
  • Support for Portfolio PDFs (detect & extract files)
  • Extract files from PDF with attachments
  • XFA static form filling
  • Read and update XMP metadata
  • PDF stamping/watermarking page element
  • Template to add header and footer
  • Actions for form fields, document and page

Upgrade Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding upgrading to v9.0.0 when it is released, please contact sales@cete.com with your existing product serial number for upgrade options.

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