Australia Post

The Australia Post barcode is used by Australia Post to sort mail and is called a 4-state barcode. It comprises four types of bars (states), each of which is identified by both a name and a value.

Barcode data consists of FCC, DPID and Customer information. The FCC is a two digit number that identifies the type of barcode. Invalid numbers causes the mail articles to be rejected. The DPID is an 8 digit number that uniquely identifies a physical point to which Australia Post delivers mail.

The Australia Post barcode is represented by the AustraliaPost class in DynamicBarcode Creator. The following code illustrates.

AustraliaPost barcode = new AustraliaPost("1139549554");
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png);        
Dim barcode As AustraliaPost = New AustraliaPost("1139549554")
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png)

Customer Information

Customer information stores a customer’s information and is available in Customer barcode 2 and Customer barcode 3 types. Customer information can encode upper case characters (A to Z), lower case characters (a to z), digits (0 to 9) and special characters (space and a #). The AustraliaPostEncodingType property species the encoding table used to encode customer data.

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