EAN 14

The EAN 14 barcode encodes digits from zero to nine and is used for traded goods. The barcode is based on GS1-128 with AI (Application Identifier) value of (01). An AI number is always added by DynamicBarcode Creator and cannot be changed. Users are only required to specify the barcode value, not the AI number. DynamicBarcode Creator supports EAN 14 through the Ean14 class, as the following example illustrates.

Ean14 barcode = new Ean14("1234567890123");
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png);        
Dim barcode As Ean14 = New Ean14("1234567890123")
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png)

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