The IATA-25, represented by the Iata25 class, is used by the International Air Transport Association for managing air cargo and is based on the Code25 (Standard 2 of 5 or Industrial 2 of 5) barcode with different start and stop characters. The following example illustrates creating an IATA 25 barcode. Note the inclusion of the IncludeCheckDigit property. This property calculates and includes a check digit when generating the barcode.

Iata25 barcode = new Iata25("1234567");
barcode.IncludeCheckDigit = true;
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png);        
Dim barcode As Iata25 = New Iata25("1234567")
barcode.IncludeCheckDigit = true
barcode.Draw(pngFilePath, 300, ImageFormat.Png)

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