Base class representing a PDF form.

public class Form : Resource
Public Class Form
    Inherits Resource

Inheritance: ObjectResourceForm

Licensing Info

Basic usage of this class is a DynamicPDF Core Suite Essentials feature. However, some properties or methods require full licensing and are noted accordingly. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:


AlignGets or Sets the document’s wide alignment for variable text fields.
CalculationOrderGets the form's calculation order.
DefaultAlignGets or sets the default alignment for the form.
DefaultAppearanceGets or sets the default appearance for the form.
DefaultColorGets the default color for all the variable text fields.
DefaultFontGets the font default for all the variable text fields.
DefaultFontSizeGets the default font size for all the variable text fields.
DefaultResourcesGets or sets the default appearance for the form.
ExcludeXfaDataIfValuesChangedGets or sets a value indicating to exclude the XFA if the form field value is changed.
FieldsGets a collection of fields for the form.
IsReadOnlyGets or sets a value indicating if the form is read only.
NeedsAppearancesGets or sets a value indicating if the form needs appearance streams.
OutputGets or Sets the output options for the form.
RequiredPdfObjectsGets the number of PDF objects required by the resource.
(Inherited from Resource)
ResourceTypeGets the type of resource.
(Inherited from Resource)
SignatureFieldsOutputGets or Sets output options for the signature fields.
SignatureFlagsGets or sets the signature flags for the form.
SubstituteFontGets or Sets the Font to be used as a substitute font for form fields.
UidGets the unique ID of the resource.
(Inherited from Resource)


Draw(DocumentWriter)Draws the form to the given DocumentWriter object.
Equals(Object)Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object .
(Inherited from Object)
GetHashCode()Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from Object)
GetTextFields()Returns a collection of text form fields.
GetType()Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object)
RequireLicense(Int32)Sets the required license level for the form.
ToString()Returns a String that represents the current Object .
(Inherited from Object)


Form.FormFieldsAddedOccurs when the fields are added to the Document's Form.

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