ceTe.DynamicPDF.LayoutEngine Namespace


DetailReportPartRepresents the detail of a report.
DetailSubReportPartRepresents the detail of a subreport.
DlexFileRepresents a DLEX file for reuse.
DlexParseExceptionThe exception that is thrown for an error encountered when parsing the DLEX file.
DocumentLayoutRepresents a Document based on the supplied DLEX file.
DocumentLayoutPartRepresents a part of Document.
DocumentLayoutPartListRepresents a list of reports and fixed pages.
FixedPageRepresents a fixed page.
FontFamilyListRepresents a list of font families.
FontListRepresents a list of fonts.
LayoutDataRepresents data used to layout a document.
LayoutElementBase class from which all report elements are derived.
LayoutElementListRepresents a list of report elements.
LayoutEngineExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a layout engine error occurs.
LayoutWriterRepresents a writer classs for a layout.
NameValueLayoutDataRepresents name value data used to layout a document.
PhysicalPathResourceProviderPhysical path resource provider class provides base path for all the resources referenced in the Dlex file.
ReportRepresents a report.
ReportFooterRepresents the footer of a report.
ReportHeaderRepresents the header of a report.
ReportPartRepresents a part of a report.
ResourceProviderRepresents a ResourceProvider class.
SubReportFooterRepresents the footer of a sub report.
SubReportHeaderRepresents the header of a sub report.


AlternateRowSpecifies the type of alternating row to display
SymbolTypeSpecifies symbol type.

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