ceTe.DynamicPDF.Merger Namespace


AppendedPageRepresents an appended page.
AttachmentRepresents a Attachments present in PDFDocument
EncryptionInfoRepresents security information of the PDF document.
ExtractedImageDataRepresents the extracted image from the document.
ImageInformationRepresents image's information of an image in the document.
ImportedActionRepresents an imported action.
ImportedDestinationRepresents an imported destination
ImportedPageRepresents an imported page.
ImportedPageAreaRepresents an imported pages area.
ImportedPageContentsRepresents the contents used by an the ImportedPageData class.
ImportedPageDataRepresents a Page Element containing the data of an imported page from a PDF document.
IncrementalSignatureAppearanceThe IncrementalSignatureAppearance class provides options to customize the apperance of visible signature fields, such as font, text visibility, reason to sign and location at the time of singing.
IncrementalUpdateDocumentThe IncrementalUpdateDocument class updates the PDF document incrementally by appending the changes after the end of the file.
IncrementalUpdateFormFieldRepresents incremental update document formfield.
IncrementalUpdateFormFieldListRepresents incremental update document form field list that contains the list of IncrementalUpdateFormField .
MergeDocumentRepresents a document that can merge and append other documents.
MergeOptionsRepresents options for merging PDF documents.
MergerExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a DynamicPDF Merger error.
PdfAnnotationRepresents an annotation resource.
PdfDocumentRepresents a PDF document for import.
PdfNoteAnnotationRepresents a Note Annotation from an imported PDF document.
PdfOutlineRepresents an imported outline.
PdfOutlineListRepresents a list of outlines from an imported PDF document.
PdfPageRepresents a page from an imported PDF document.
PdfPageListRepresents a collection of PDF pages.
PdfParsingExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a PDF parsing error.
PdfSecurityExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a PDF security error.


CollectionTypeSpecifies CollectionType.
ExtractedImageTypeRepresents the format of the image
ImportedActionTypeSpecifies an imported action type
SecurityInfoRepresents different types of the security.

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