ceTe.DynamicPDF.PageElements.Charting.Axes Namespace


AxisLabelBase class from which all axis labels are derived.
AxisLabelListBase class from which all axis label lists are derived.
DateTimeXAxisThis class can be used to place the DateTimeXAxis on the plot area.
DateTimeXAxisLabelRepresents a DateTimeXAxisLabel.
DateTimeXAxisLabelListRepresents a DateTimeXAxisLabelList.
DateTimeYAxisThis class can be used to place the DateTimeYAxis on the plot area.
DateTimeYAxisLabelRepresents a DateTimeYAxisLabel.
DateTimeYAxisLabelListRepresents a DateTimeYAxisLabelList.
IndexedXAxisThis class can be used to place the IndexedXAxis on the plot area.
IndexedXAxisLabelRepresents the IndexedXAxisLabel.
IndexedXAxisLabelListRepresents the IndexedXAxisLabelList.
IndexedYAxisThis class can be used to place the IndexedYAxis on the plot area.
IndexedYAxisLabelRepresents the IndexedYAxisLabel.
IndexedYAxisLabelListRepresents the IndexedYAxisLabelList.
NumericXAxisThis class can be used to place the NumericXAxis on the plot area.
NumericXAxisLabelRepresents the NumericXAxisLabel.
NumericXAxisLabelListRepresents the NumericXAxisLabelList.
NumericYAxisThis class can be used to place the NumericYAxis on the plot area.
NumericYAxisLabelRepresents the NumericYAxisLabel.
NumericYAxisLabelListRepresents the NumericYAxisLabelList.
PercentageXAxisThis class can be used to place the PercentageXAxis on the plot area.
PercentageXAxisLabelRepresents the PercentageXAxisLabel.
PercentageXAxisLabelListRepresents the PercentageXAxisLabelList.
PercentageYAxisThis class can be used to place the PercentageYAxis on the plot area.
PercentageYAxisLabelRepresents the PercentageYAxisLabel.
PercentageYAxisLabelListRepresents the PercentageYAxisLabelList.
XAxisThis class provides the base class from which all of the XAxes are derived.
XAxisGridLinesThis class represents the Gridlines of the XAxis.
XAxisLabelRepresents an XAxisLabel.
XAxisLabelListRepresents an XAxisLabelList.
XAxisListThis class represents the XAxisList of the plot area.
XAxisTickMarksThis class represents the Tick marks of the XAxis.
YAxisThis class provides the base class from which all of the YAxes are derived.
YAxisGridLinesThis class represents the Gridlines of YAxis.
YAxisLabelRepresents a YAxisLabel.
YAxisLabelListRepresents a YAxisLabelList.
YAxisListThis class represents the YAxisList of the plot area.
YAxisTickMarksThis class represents the TickMarks of the YAxis.


XAxisAnchorTypeRepresents the position of the XAxis on the plot area.
XAxisLabelPositionRepresents the position of the XAxisLabels.
XAxisTickMarksPositionRepresents the position of the XAxisTickMarks.
XAxisTitlePositionRepresents the position of the XAxisTitle.
YAxisAnchorTypeRepresents the position of the YAxis on the plot area.
YAxisLabelPositionRepresents the location of the YAxisLabels.
YAxisTickMarksPositionRepresents the position of the YAxisTickMarks.
YAxisTitlePositionRepresents the position of the YAxisTitle.

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