ceTe.DynamicPDF.PageElements.Forms Namespace


BehaviorTo specify the field's highlighting mode. The visual effect to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area.
BorderStyleA border style class specifying the characteristics of a field’s border. An field may optionally be surrounded by a border when displayed or printed. If present, the border is drawn completely inside a field rectangle.
ButtonRepresents the button field of a interactive forms. A button is a purely interactive control that responds immediately to user input without retaining a permanent value.
CheckBoxRepresents the check box field of a interactive forms. A check box toggles between two states, on and off.
ChoiceFieldRepresents the choice field of a interactive forms. A base class for all form field of type choice form field. A choice field contains several text items, one or more of which may be selected as the field value.
ChoiceItemRepresents the Item details for choice field.
ChoiceItemListRepresents the ChoiceItemList which holds the item of choice field of interactive forms.
ComboBoxRepresents the combo box field of a interactive forms. A combo box consisting of a drop list.
FormElementClass represents the base class for all the form field page elements.
ListBoxRepresents the list box field of a interactive forms.
PushBehaviorA type of Behavior .
RadioButtonRepresents the radio button field of a interactive forms. Radio buttons are a set of related toggles, at most one of which may be on at any given time; selecting any one of the buttons automatically deselects all the others.
ResetActionClass represents the reset-form action. A reset-form action resets selected interactive form fields to their default values.
SignatureRepresents a Signature form field.
SignaturePanelRepresents a panel in the visible signature.
SubmitActionClass represents the submit-form actions. A submit-form action transmits the names and values of selected interactive form fields to a specified uniform resource locator(URL).
TextFieldRepresents the text field of a interactive forms. Text fields are boxes or spaces in which the user can enter text from the keyboard.


BorderThicknessSpecifies the thickness of the border for FormFields.
FormExportFormatRepresents the forms export formats.
SignaturePanelLayoutSpecifies the panel layout in the signature field.
SymbolTo specify the key-values used to designate the type of ‘check’ to appear in the checkbox.

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