PrintJobStatus Enum

Represents the status of print.

public enum PrintJobStatus
Public Enum PrintJobStatus

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PrintJobStatus.BlockedDevQ512Indicates that a print driver cannot print the job..
PrintJobStatus.Complete4096Indicates that a print job has been sent to the printer.
PrintJobStatus.Deleted256Indicates that a print job has been deleted.
PrintJobStatus.Deleting4Indicates that a print job is being deleted.
PrintJobStatus.Error2Indicates that an error occurred while printing.
PrintJobStatus.None0Indicates that a print job has not started.
PrintJobStatus.NotStarted8388608Indicates that a print job has not started.
PrintJobStatus.Paused1Indicates that a print job is paused.
PrintJobStatus.Printed128Indicates that a print job has printed.
PrintJobStatus.PrinterOffline32Indicates that a printer is offline.
PrintJobStatus.PrinterOutOfPaper64Indicates that a printer is out of paper.
PrintJobStatus.Printing16Indicates that a print job is printing.
PrintJobStatus.RequiresUserIntervention1024Indicates that a printer has an issue that requires the user to do something.
PrintJobStatus.Restarting2048Indicates that a print job has been restarted.
PrintJobStatus.Retained8192Indicates that a print job has been retained in the print queue following printing..
PrintJobStatus.Spooling8Indicates that a print job is spooling.
PrintJobStatus.StatusUnAvailable1048575Indicates that a print job's status is not available and have been removed from the printer queue.

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This enum is a DynamicPDF PrintManager feature. One of the following is required for non-evaluation usage:

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