ceTe.DynamicPDF.Text Namespace


CeTeBulletsRepresents a CeTeBullets font.
CoreLatinFontRepresents a core Latin font.
CourierRepresents the core PDF Courier font.
CourierBoldRepresents the core PDF Courier Bold font.
CourierBoldObliqueRepresents the core PDF Courier Bold Oblique font.
CourierObliqueRepresents the core PDF Courier Oblique font.
EncoderBase class from which encoders are derived.
FontFamilyListRepresents a collection of font families.
GoogleFontRepresents a GoogleFont class.
GoogleFontExceptionThe exception that is thrown for a GoogleFont error.
GoogleFontFamilyRepresents a google font family.
HelveticaRepresents the core PDF Helvetica font.
HelveticaBoldRepresents the core PDF Helvetica Bold font.
HelveticaBoldObliqueRepresents the core PDF Helvetica Bold Oblique font.
HelveticaObliqueRepresents the core PDF Helvetica Oblique font.
KerningValuesRepresents a kerning value collection.
LatinLineBreakerRepresents a Latin line breaker.
LatinTextLineListRepresents a Latin text line list.
LineBreakerRepresents a line breaker for text.
OpenTypeFontRepresents an OpenType font.
OpenTypeFontCollectionRepresents an OpenType font collection.
SingleByteEncoderBase class from which single byte encoders are derived.
SingleByteEncodingResourceRepresents a single byte encoding resource.
SymbolRepresents the core PDF Symbol font.
TextLineRepresents a line of text.
TextLineListRepresents a list of text lines.
TimesBoldRepresents the core PDF Times Bold font.
TimesBoldItalicRepresents the core PDF Times Bold Italic font.
TimesItalicRepresents the core PDF Times Italic font.
TimesRomanRepresents the core PDF Times Roman font.
Type1FontRepresents a Type1Font font.
UniversalLineBreakerRepresents a universal line breaker.
UniversalTextLineListRepresents a universal text line list.
WebOpenFontRepresents an web open font.


IFontSubsettableRepresents a contract implemented by subsettable fonts.

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