The Document is the top-level section of DLEX documents. Use the Document to assign fonts and add metadata to a PDF.

Refer to Document for a GitHub example.

You also add reports and pages to a document.

Upon creating a new DLEX, the Document is automatically added to the DLEX file.

Figure 1. The Document is the the top-level layout element for all DLEX documents.

Fonts and Metadata

Add fonts through the Fonts properties. Refer to Fonts topic in the Users Guide (Fonts) for more information.

Figure 2. Add fonts through a document's Fonts.

Add metadata to a PDF through the author, keywords, subject, and title properties.

Figure 3. Use the Information properties to add metadata about a PDF.

If specifying metadata in the Document, then after generating the PDF, it will display the added metadata.

Figure 4. Metadata added to a PDF.

After loading the font via Document, you can then use the font throughout the report.

Figure 5. Displaying a custom font added through Document.

Report and Page

Add reports and pages to a document by using the Add Report and Add Page buttons. The added report or added page will then appear as a child to the document.

Figure 6. Pages and reports are added as children to a document.


Property Value Description
id text The programmatic identifier of the document.
fontFamilies See Fonts Font families available usable across document.
openTypeFonts See Fonts The added OpenType fonts usable across document.
author text Value indicating PDF metadata's author.
keywords comma-delimited text Value indicating PDF metadata's keywords.
subject text Value indicating PDF metadata's subject.
title text Value indicating PDF metadata's title.
tag true, false Value indicating if the outputted PDF will contain logical structure elements.

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