DynamicPDF Designer DLEX documents consist of three main parts, the Document, Page, and Report. The following topics describe each part in more detail.

Section Documentation
Document Document
Page Page
Report Report

All Designer document parts and layout elements include a simple example on Github in the designer-usersguide-examples project. Refer to the designer folder in this project for all Designer examples.

After downloading the DLEX file and the JSON data, add it to your cloud storage space using the Resource Manager.

GitHub Project

Project Name Folder Location
designer-usersguide-examples designer https://github.com/dynamicpdf-api/designer-usersguide-examples/tree/main/designer

GitHub Files

Section File Names Description
Document simpledocument.dlex, simpledocument.json, Getaway-voaA.otf Illustrates using a custom font and several metadata properties of a Document layout element.
Page creating-page.dlex, creating-page.json, coffee.jpg Illustrates using a Page with a custom font and an image.
Report report-example.dlex, report-example.json Illustrates creating a Report that includes a conditional footer.

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