Columnar Layout

Columns allow creating a report or subreport where the Detail section of a Report can have a columnar layout. When specifying a columnar layout, rather than repeating data across a single row, it is repeated among columns.

Figure 1. Columnar layout repeats data across columns.

Specifying Columnar Layout

Specify the columns property of a report's details section to specify using columns. Then add the layout elements to the first column.

Figure 2. A report with a columnar layout.

Then, when generating the PDF report, the data flows from column one to column n before creating a new data row.

Figure 3. A PDF with columnar layout.


Examples using columns are available from GitHub. After downloading the DLEX file and the JSON data, add it to your cloud storage space using the Resource Manager.

Project Name Folder Resources Location
designer-usersguide-examples designer columns.dlex, columns.json
columns-subreport.dlex, columns-subreport.json

Figure 4. The columns.dlex sample project illustrates using four columns.

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