Content Group

The Content Group element provides the ability to add multiple elements within one group. It can only be added to the detail section of the report. More than one Content Groups can be added to the detail of the report.

In order to add a Content Group, select the Content Group element under the Toolbox, drag and drop it at the desired location on the page. The Content Group can be resized using the mouse, manually changing the values in the properties window or by changing the values directly in the source.


The Content Group element has the following properties:

Properties Description
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Content Group.
Height A value indicating the height of the Content Group.
Splittable A value indicating whether the Content Group can be split between pages.
Width A value indicating the width of the Content Group.
X A value indicating the X coordinate of the Content Group.
Y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the Content Group.

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