Formatted Text Area Formatting

The FormattedTextArea class was designed to allow formatting within a paragraph of text using common and familiar HTML-style tagging. The FormattedTextArea is not designed to support full HTML tags but it will accept the following HTML tags and attributes. Some of the attributes are in addition to the attribute found in HTML and are used for advanced paragraph and line properties. Please note that white space can be treated literally or ignored (standard behavior for HTML).

These tags map directly into the FormattedTextAreaStyle class. This class is used internally to manage the state of the Formatted Text Area. The style property of the Formatted Text Area represents the initial state of the text.

Bold Tag

<B.. tag - Enclosed text is bold.

Font Tag

<Font ... tag - For font attributes.

Attribute Values Description
Color Web Color Hex String. Color of the text.
Face A string value. The font family to use for the text. The 5 built-in font families ("Times" | "Helvetica" | "Courier" | "Symbol" |<br> "ZapfDingbats") can be specified or additional ones can be added through the HtmlTextArea's FontFaces property.
Size An integer value. Specifies the HTML font size for the text. This is mapped to a point size internally (0 = 6 points, 1 = 8 points, 2 = 10 points, 3 = 12 points, 4 = 14 points, 5 = 18 points, 6 = 24 points, 7 = 36 points).
PointSize A decimal value. The size in points of the text.

Italics Tag

<I ... tag - Enclosed text is italics.

Enclosed text is italic.

Line Tag

<Line ... tag - Enclosed text is lined.

Attribute Values Description
Leading A decimal value. The leading of the line.
LeadingType auto | atLeast | exactly Specifies how leading is calculated.

Paragraph Tag

Attribute Values Description Align left | right | center | justify Alignment of the paragraph's text. AllowOrphanLines true | false Specifies if one orphaned line on a page has to be carried to the next page by itself or it will be carried along with the previous line to make it two lines on the next page. Indent A decimal value. The first line indentation of the paragraph in points. LeftIndent A decimal value. The left indentation of the paragraph in points. PreserveWhiteSpace true | false Specifies if white space should be preserved. RightIndent A decimal value. The right indentation of the paragraph in points. SpacingAfter A decimal value. The spacing after the paragraph in points. SpacingBefore A decimal value. The spacing before the paragraph in points.

Subscript Tag

<SUB ... tag - For subscript attributes.

Attribute Values enscription
Displacement A decimal value. The positive value will move the text downwards.

Superscript Tag

<SUP ... tag - For superscript attributes.

Attribute Values Description
Displacement A decimal value. The positive value will move the text upwards.

Underline Tag

<U ... tag - Enclosed text is underlined.

Break Tag

<BR ...tag - Inserts a single line break.

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