Standard Page Elements

When creating a PDF document, there are several page elements commonly used when creating most PDF documents. The following table lists standard page elements frequently used when creating a PDF.

Refer to the Page Elements Overview for more information on the page elements offered by DynamicPDF Core Suite. There you will find more information on forms, barcodes, and charts. The listing below are only the most commonly used page elements.

Standard Page Elements

DynamicPDF Core Suite includes the following page elements.

Element Usage
Anchor Group Anchors page elements to the edge or margins of a page.
Area Group Groups page elements into logical groups. It contains a width and height which is used by the Table Page element's cell for alignment.
Background Image Adds an image which stretches to fill a page's background.
Bookmark Adds an outline to a document's outline list.
Circle Adds a circle to a page.
Formatted Text Area Adds formatted text to a page. This element has continuation methods to efficiently span text between multiple formatted text areas and pages
Group Groups page elements into logical groups.
HtmlArea Renders HTML content within a specified PDF page area (see below).
Image Adds an image to a page.
Image Watermark Adds an image watermark to a document.
Label Adds a text label to a page.
Layout Grid Adds a layout grid to a page and assists the layout of Page Elements.
Line Adds a line to a page.
Link Adds document and URL links to a page.
List Add a list to a page.
Note Adds a PDF note to a page.
Ordered List Adds an ordered list to a page.
Page Numbering Label Adds text page and section numbering to the label added to the page
Path Adds a path shape to a page. Contains the LineSubPath, CurveFromSubPath, CurveSubPath and CurveToSubPath sub classes.
Rectangle Adds a rectangle to a document
Table2 Adds a table to the page. It has horizontal and vertical continuation methods to efficiently span a table between multiple columns or pages.
Text Area Add an area of text to a page. It has text continuation methods to efficiently span text between multiple text areas and pages.
Text Watermark Adds a text watermark to a document.
Transformation Group Used to shift, rotate and scale other page elements. Any page element placed in a transformation group will shift, rotate or scale with that transformation group.
Transparency Group Adds transparency to page elements.
Unordered List Adds an unordered list to a page.

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