Use an Image layout element to add images to anywhere on a page or any section of a report (i.e. header, detail or footer).

Refer to Image layout element for a GitHub example.

The following image formats are supported: Jpeg, Jpeg 2000, Png, Bmp, Emf, Exif, Gif, Tiff, and Wmf.

Supported Image Types
JPEG 2000

Add an Image to a document by right -clicking and selecting Add Image from the context menu.

Figure 1. Context menu showing Add Image option.

From the Image layout element's properties, you can add the image from the path property to add a static image from cloud storage space or add a path dynamically using the dynamicPath property.

Figure 2. Use the dynamicPath or path property to add an image to a DLEX.

You can also add an image from the associated JSON dataset where the JSON field's value is Base64Encoded binary data.

Figure 3. Use the dataName property to add Base64Encoded images to a DLEX.

You can specify that a dynamic path comes from a URL.


After adding an image, resize the image to the desired dimensions.


Property Value Description
altText text Text displayed in PDF when cursor hovers over Image layout element.
id text The Image layout element's unique identifier.
angle numeric The angle to display the Image.
height numeric The Image height.
width numeric The Image width.
x numeric The Image X coordinate.
y numeric The Image Y coordinate.
path text The relative path to the Image in the Resource Manager.

Image Resolution

Because a PDF is predominately vector based, most elements print well at any resolution. Images are an exception to this rule. You must ensure Images are outputted to the optimal printing resolution. DynamicPDF Designer does not resample or change the pixels of an image. If an image is 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall, it remains that size when outputted to the PDF. The size of the image in points, inches or centimeters depends on its scale. If the scale is set to 1, it will have 1 pixel per point and output at 72 pixels per inch (also known as dots per inch or dpi). If the scale is set to 0.24, then the image will have 1 pixel for every 0.24 points and output at 300 dpi.

Designer does not scale or resample images. You must change the image size yourself.

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