The Image element is used for adding images anywhere to the page. It can be added to any sections of the report (i.e. Header, Detail or Footer). The following image formats are supported by DynamicPDF Designer: Jpeg, Jpeg 2000, Png, Bmp, Emf, Exif, Gif, Tiff, and Wmf.

In order to add an image, select the Image element under the Toolbox, drag and drop it at the desired location on the page. Then browse the image by selecting the Path property. The image can be resized and repositioned using the mouse, manually changing the values in the properties window or by changing the values in the source.

Because PDF is predominately vector based, most elements will print well at any resolution. Images are an exception to this rule. You must ensure Images are outputted to the optimal printing resolution. DynamicPDF Designer does not resample or change the pixels of an image. If an image is 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall, it remains that size when outputted to the PDF. The size of the image in points, inches or centimeters depends on its scale. If the scale is set to 1, it will have 1 pixel per point and output at 72 pixels per inch (also known as dots per inch or dpi). If the scale is set to 0.24, then the image will have 1 pixel for every 0.24 points and output at 300 dpi.

Setting an Images DPI or Pixels per Inch

Many image formats contain a target resolution within the file. If this information is present it is read from the file and used as the default resolution when a scale is not specified. If this information is not present, the default scale is 0.24 or 300 dpi. To set an Image to a specified DPI, you can set the values of HorizontalDPI and VerticalDPI in the properties window.

The Image element has the following properties.


Properties Description
AltText A value indicating the alternative text to be used for the image.
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Image.
Angle A value indicating the number of degrees to rotate the Image.
Height A value indicating the height of the Image.
Width A value indicating the width of the Image.
X A value indicating the X coordinate of the Image.
Y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the Image.
Path A value indicating the physical file path of the Image.
HorizontalDPI A value indicating the horizontal resolution (also known as pixels/dots per inch) of the Image.
VerticalDPI A value indicating the vertical resolution (also known as pixels/dots per inch) of the Image.

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