Use the Label layout element to add static text to anywhere on a page or any report section (i.e. header, detail or footer).

Refer to Label layout element for a GitHub example.

To add a Label right-click and select Add Label from the context menu.

Figure 1. Select Add Label to add a Label layout element to a DLEX document.


The Label layout element has the following properties.

Property Value Description
align left, right,center, fullJustify, justify The alignment of the text value of the Label.
font See Fonts Users Guide topic. Sets the font name.
fontSize numeric Sets the font size.
text text The text value of the Label.
textColor See Colors Users Guide topic. The color of the label.
underline true,false Value indicating if the Label text is underlined.
vAlign bottom, top, center The vertical alignment of the label.
id text The id of the label.
angle numeric The number of degrees to rotate the label.
height numeric The label height in pixels.
width numeric The label width in pixels.
x numeric The x coordinates of the label.
y numeric The y coordinates of the label.

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