DynamicPDF Cloud API has built-in support for the LinearBarcode layout element. A LinearBarcode layout element can be placed on a page or any report section.

Refer to LinearBarcode layout element for a GitHub example.

Figure 1. Statically adding a LinearBarcode layout element to a DLEX document's Page.

Add a LinearBarcode layout element to a report by right-clicking anywhere in a page or report and selecting Add Linear Barcode from the context menu.

Figure 2. Adding a LinearBarcode layout element using the the Add Linear Barcode choice in the context menu.

Dynamically Adding Barcode Value

Of course, Designer's true power lies in dynamically generated reports, and barcodes are no exception. The LinearBarcode layout element allows dynamically specifying the value property as the JSON data field name surrounded by pounds, for example, #upc#.

  "Coffees": [
      "ProductID": 568,
      "Type": "Arabica",
      "Variety": "Arusha",
      "Price": 7.33,
      "upc": "12345678901"

Figure 3. Dynamically adding a barcode to a report's data rows.


Property Value Description
align center, left, right
color See Colors Users Guide topic. A value indicating the text color of the LinearBarcode.
gs1DataBarType omnidirectional, limited, expanded
linearBarcodeType see below
showText true, false
supplementValue text The supplemental value for a LinearBarcode. Only linearBarcodeType values that support a supplementalValue can be used.
textColor See Colors Users Guide topic. Text color of the LinearBarcode.
vAlign bottom, center, top The vertical alignment of the LinearBarcode.
value text The barcode value.
xDimension numeric The x dimension of the LinearBarcode.
id text A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the LinearBarcode.
angle numeric A value indicating the number of degrees to rotate the LinearBarcode.
height numeric A value indicating the height of the LinearBarcode.
width numeric A value indicating the width of the LinearBarcode.
x numeric A value indicating the X coordinate of the LinearBarcode.
y numeric A value indicating the Y coordinate of the LinearBarcode.

Supported Linear Barcodes

The following linear barcodes are supported.

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