DynamicPDF Core Suite for .NET can create PDF documents marked as PDF/X compatible. PDF/X is a subset of the PDF specification that eliminates many colors, fonts, and trap variables usually associated with exchanging files for high-end printing. These PDF/X standards make recommendations and additional notations for facilitating the reliable delivery of press-ready, high-end color documents.

Take the following steps to make a Document PDF/X compliant.

All of the above elements must be in place for full PDF/X compatibility. Avoid inadvertently using any RGB colors in the document (our product does not automatically check for this). This includes verifying that all images added or merged in PDF pages do not contain any RGB colors.

Lastly, verify that all fonts you use are embedded in the PDF, meaning all fonts used within your PDF document must be either OpenTypeFont or Type1Font objects. The 14 core fonts are not embedded into the PDF and, therefore, can not be used when creating PDF/X documents.

Setting the PdfXVersion property on the Document property does not automatically convert the document to the PDF/X version specified. The document is only marked as complying with that version of PDF/X.

The following code sample demonstrates the elements needed to specify a document as PDF/X 1-A compatible.

Document document = new Document();
document.Title = "PDF/X-1a Document";
document.PdfVersion = PdfVersion.v1_4;
document.PdfXVersion = PdfXVersion.PDF_X_1a_2003;
document.Pages.Add(new Page());
IccProfile iccProfile = new IccProfile(@"C:\ICCProfiles\USWebCoatedSWOP.icc");
OutputIntent outputIntent = new OutputIntent("CGATS TR 001-1995 (SWOP)", "CGATS TR 001", "http://www.color.org", "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2", iccProfile);
document.Trapped = Trapped.False;
Dim document As Document = New Document()
document.Title = "PDF/X-1a Document"
document.PdfVersion = PdfVersion.v1_4
document.PdfXVersion = PdfXVersion.PDF_X_1a_2003
document.Pages.Add(New Page())
Dim MyIccProfile As IccProfile = New IccProfile("C:\ICCProfiles\USWebCoatedSWOP.icc")
Dim MyOutputIntent As OutputIntent = New OutputIntent("CGATS TR 001-1995 (SWOP)", "CGATS TR 001", "http://www.color.org", "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2", MyIccProfile)
document.Trapped = Trapped.False

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