Use the RecordBox layout element to add data from a JSON document's fields dynamically at runtime to anywhere on a page, including the header, detail or footer sections.

Refer to RecordBox layout element for a Github example.

Adding A RecordBox

There are two ways of adding a RecordBox to a document.

  1. Right-click and select Add Record Box from the context menu.

  1. Drag and drop the JSON field name from the Data Explorer to the anywhere on a Page or Report.

DataName Property

A RecordBox requires setting the dataName property to either the JSON dataset's field name or using a calculated value.

Refer to Expressions for a list of available expressions in Designer.


Property Value Description
align center, fullJustify, justify, left, right RecordBox content alignment.
autoLeading true, false Value indicating if RecordBox should be leading automatically.
cleanParagraphBreaks true/false Value indicating if RecordBox should have clean paragraph breaks. *
font See Fonts Users Guide topic. Value indicating the RecordBox text content font.
fontSize numeric Value indicating the RecordBox text size.
leading true, false Value indicating the RecordBox text leading. If set, then the autoLeading property value must be false.
paragraphIndent numeric Number of spaces to indent paragraph text in a RecordBox.
paragraphSpacing numeric Spacing between paragraphs.
textColor See Colors Users Guide topic. Color of text in RecordBox.
underline true, false Value specifying if text in RecordBox is underlined.
vAlign numeric A value indicating the vertical alignment.
dataFormat expression An expression indicating how to format the data.
dataName text A value indicating the JSON field to associate the RecordBox with.
id text A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the RecordBox.
angle numeric The number of degrees to rotate the RecordBox.
expandable true, false A value indicating whether the RecordBox is expandable.
height numeric The height of RecordBox.
splittable true, false A value indicating if the RecordBox can be split between pages.
width numeric A value indicating the RecordBox width.
x numeric The x coordinate of the RecordBox.
y numeric the y coordinate of the RecordBox.
  • The cleanParagraphBreaks property being set to true only affects the RecordBox if the splittable property is also set to true.
  • To allow a field to expand based on amount of data, set the expandable property to true.

The expandable property only works in a report's Detail. RecordBox layout elements placed elsewhere in a report must be manually expanded to the desired size.

Number Formatting

The RecordBox supports using formatting for data fields containing data such as currency, numbers, and dates.

Code Description Example
# Formatter rounds to a number but does not pad with zeros. #.##
0 Formatter rounds decimals to a number of zeros. If length is less than numbers, then pad with zeros. 00.00
. Decimal place. ###.0#
, Indicates thousand separator. #,###,##
e Convert number into scientific (exponential) format. ##,####.##e
a Recalculates very big and very small numbers by reducing length and adding a suffix/prefix. #.0000a
b Recalculate to kilobytes, megabytes, etc. and add corresponding suffix.
s Display an absolute number. #.0s
Encloses text without parsing; includes formatted output as is.

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