Record Box

The Record Box element is used for adding data from the database field dynamically at runtime anywhere to the page. It can be added to any sections of the report (i.e. Header, Detail or Footer). Simply specify the name of the field in the Field property of the Record Box and that will create the association.

In order to add a Record Box, select the Record Box element under the Toolbox, drag and drop it at the desired location on the page. The Record Box can be resized or repositioned using the mouse, manually changing the values in the properties window or by changing the values directly in the source.

In order to set the field to expand based on amount of data, set the Expandable property to true. If the data coming from the database is not going to fit on the page, make sure to set the Splittable property of the field to true.

For data fields like currency, the data can be formatted using the Format property.

The value specified for the Field property can be the result of a function. For instance data values from two fields can be added or multiplied using the Add or Multiple functions respectively. e.g Add(Field1, Field2) or Multiply(Field1, Field2)

The Record Box can be set to display the current date and time using the CurrentDateTime() function.


The Record Box element has the following properties:

Properties Description
Align A value indicating the alignment of the Record Box.
AutoLeading A value indicating whether the leading of the Record Box should be calculated automatically.
CleanParagraphBreaks A value indicating whether paragraphs in the Record Box will have clean paragraph breaks.  *See Note Below
Font A value indicating the font to be used for the Record Box.
FontSize A value indicating the font size of the Record Box.
Leading A value indicating the leading of the text.
ParagraphIndent A value indicating the paragraph indenting for the paragraphs of the Record Box.
ParagraphSpacing A value indicating the paragraph spacing for the paragraphs of the Record Box.
TextColor A value indicating the text color of the Record Box.
Underline A value indicating whether to underline the text of Record Box.
VAlign A value indicating the vertical alignment of the Record Box.
DataFormat An expression indicating how to format the data of the Record Box.
Field A value indicating the database field to associate the Record Box with.
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Record Box.
Angle A value indicating the number of degrees to rotate the Record Box.
Expandable A value indicating whether the Record Box is expandable or not.
Height A value indicating the height of the Record Box.
Splittable A value indicating whether the Record Box can be split between pages.
Width A value indicating the width of the Record Box.
X A value indicating the X coordinate of the Record Box.
Y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the Record Box.

Note on CleanParagraphBreaks

The CleanParagraphBreaks property being set to True will only have any affect on the Record Box if the Splittable property is also set to True. In other words the paragraph will not break at all (and therefore never needs to consider the type of break) if the Splittable property is set to false. If however CleanParagraphBreaks is set to True and Splittable is also set to True then LayoutEngine will take care to make sure that any splitting performed on the Record Box will always result in at least two lines of the paragraph being kept together (no orphaned lines). The only exception to this is if the paragraph itself is only one line then that one-lined paragraph will appear by itself.

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