The Rectangle element is used for adding rectangles anywhere to the page. It can be added to any sections of the report (i.e. Header, Detail or Footer).

To add a rectangle, select the Rectangle element under the Toolbox and then drag and drop it at the desired location on the page. Resize the rectangle by repositioned the rectangle using the mouse, manually changing the values in the properties window, or by changing the values in the source.

The border of the rectangle can be made solid, dotted, dash, etc. by selecting the desired BorderStyle from the properties window. The default border style is Solid.

To make the rows in the report display alternate colors in the background, add a rectangle in the background and set the ShowAlternateRow property to either Odd or Even depending on where to start the behavior.


The Rectangle element has the following properties.

Properties Description
BorderColor A value indicating the border color of the Rectangle.
BorderStyle A value indicating the border style of the Rectangle. See note below for customizing BorderStyle.
BorderWidth A value indicating the border width of the Rectangle.
CornerRadius A value indicating the corner radius of the Rectangle.
FillColor A value indicating the color used to fill the Rectangle.
ShowAlternateRow A value indicating whether to alternatively display the Rectangle for each record (when the Rectangle is in a Detail section).
Id A value indicating the programmatic identifier of the Rectangle.
Angle A value indicating the number of degrees to rotate the Rectangle.
Height A value indicating the height of the Rectangle.
Width A value indicating the width of the Rectangle.
X A value indicating the X coordinate of the Rectangle.
Y A value indicating the Y coordinate of the Rectangle.

Note on Customizing BorderStyle

Customizing the BorderStyle to the exact number of dashes and spaces can be done by using the "Custom" item in the BorderStyle property. If "Custom" is selected form the BorderStyle property drop down menu then a user defined value must be entered to specify the exact border series style. The syntax for the Custom style is as follows.


[5, 2]0 - This will display a border dash of 5 points followed by 2 points of space and another 5 points of border and continue in this fashion.

[6, 1, 2, 1]2 - This will first display a border dash of 4 points (6 is the specified length but there is also an offset of 2 into that) followed by a 1 point space and then a 2 point dash, a 1 point space and a 6 point dash, etc.  Note in this example that a 2 point offset is the same as a 12 point offset because the series is a total of 10 points.

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